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2016 Sponsored Events & Programs

2015 Des Moines PD Annual Awards Banquet
The Des Moines Police Foundation held their first Annual Awards Banquet in January, recognizing some very worthy individuals for their hard work in 2015. The event was set up as a fundraising auction, raising $5,000 towards the Foundation’s charitable mission. Police Officer Courtney Duncan who had just recently joined the Department was sworn into service. And the following awards were presented: Master Sergeant Doug Jenkins received the Chief’s Award for his dedicated service to the Department over the last 28 years. Master Police Officer Justin Cripe received the Officer of the Year award for his dedication to the youth of Des Moines. Justin was praised as a great role model for both children in our community, and other Officers in his approach to gaining the respect of the children to help lead them into positive decisions for their life. Office Manager Terryann Dell received the Excellence in Leadership Award for her work as the lead of the records unit. She was praised by her coworkers as a great role model who leads through practice, commonly making many sacrifices for her team. Community Service Officer Kory Batterman received the Civilian of the Year Award for his constant dedication, offering support to many areas of the Department. Police Volunteer Susan Corey received the volunteer of the year award for her unwavering support of the Police Department through her weekly volunteer service and caring devotion to staff.
Nutting Lemonade Stand Fundraiser
Two young ladies in our community were so moved by their experiences volunteering at the 2015 Shop With a Cop event, that they elected to create a lemonade stand fundraiser to try and raise money to sponsor a few local children at the 2016 Shop With a Cop event.  They got to work creating banners and announcements.  They even made a presentation to the City Council to advise the community of their goals.  Ultimately their original goal of raising $150 was blown away shortly after opening their stand.  City leaders, business owners, neighbors, and even the local new media showed up to support the girls efforts.  At the end of the day, they brought in just shy of $4,000 to fully fund the 2016 Shop With a Cop event on their own.  Because of their hard work, up to 40 local kids in need will experience the joy of Christmas. 
The week after this Fundraiser was held, Chief Delgado made a presentation before Council awarding the girls the Foundation's 2016 Community Star awards.
Cellebrite Forensic Analysis Tool for DMPD Investigative Unit
One of the Foundation's aspirational projects in 2015 was to send one DMPD Detective to the Federal Training Academy in Glyco, Georgia to attend Mobile Device Investigative Program training. This training course was set to cost just over $7,000, but participants come back to their local jurisdiction with a Cellebrite mobile forensic tool which allows investigators to extrapolate data from mobile devices as part of their investigation.  The package also pays the first year of licensing for the software and upon successful completion the detective is certified to use the device.  The Des Moines Police Foundation was able to help find a Department of Justice and Homeland Security grant that ended up covering the tuition and room and board costs.  This June one of the DMPD Detectives attended this training and came back with a device which is now owned by the City of Des Moines.  This tool will help save our investigative unit time and the effort of trying to coordinate with a very busy crime lab to gain the evidence they need to do their jobs.
Recovery Fund for Moses, our 2014 Chief For a Day

The relationships forged in the Washington Chief For a Day Program are lifelong.  These little people become a part of our Department for life, not simply one day.


When it came to our attention that the Stevens family as well as a number of their neighbors were the victims of a house fire that claimed their home, and most of their personal belongings, we knew that we had to do something to help.

The Foundation quickly worked to get a Go Fund Me Page set up on the family's behalf and began coordinating with many of the human services organizations in the community to help get the family into a stable housing situation and back on their feet.  We are pleased that soon Moses and his family will have met those goals and are working towards paving their future.

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